Ascendant in aquarius astrology

Most people with this Ascendant are quite friendly and likable. Their personality quirks generally go over quite well with others. They generally give others quite a bit of freedom—accepting, as a rule, people from all walks of life as equals. And, their somewhat cool and detached curiosity about all that goes on around them appeals to most. Curiously, Aquarius rising people can be a little standoffish while also coming across as humanitarian and kind. They often feel like they are on the outside looking in, and their ability to observe and deduce is often uncanny.

This sets them apart as managers and team leaders. The Ascendant often reveals physical mannerisms and even choice of dress, as it shows how people present themselves to the world. With Aquarius here, natives sometimes have a quirkiness to their manner, and some dress in a slightly offbeat manner—not enough to make them stand out like a sore thumb, but just enough to express their original temperament.

All this may create an inner need to become, in the future, a member of groups that do not have any types of social discrimination, and motivate the youngster to even establish such a group. As a body, Aquarius Rising people tend to be tall, if proportionally compared to the average person.

Aquarius Rising Sign Personality Traits

They have a predisposition to have some sort of asymmetry, either on something visible on their body or on how it functions — as for example a strange type of walking. Their public image is rather unstable, as they experiment both with different styles, clothes and even behaviors, creating more than one personas which can vary not only during long periods of time but even during some short ones.

They can have one persona at work, another one for their casual time, and a radically different one for when they go out — or even a lot more! Natives with their Ascendant in Auarius usually are not stable in their communication patterns, and will definitely prefer to use technology in any interactions with others. They are very friendly and will usually have wide circles of friends, and of course be part of at least one group — if not many. Volunteering or promoting some special cause may bring them huge inspiration, and those groups will frequently have such a higher — and idealistic- purpose.

The Aquarius Ascendant body is governed by Uranus, so it may also experience dysfunctions connected and ruled by the sign and the planet.

Aquarius Rising/Ascendant: Characteristics, Personality, Traits

Aquarius rules our ankles and circulatory system, while is also connected with neurotransmitters. Uranus, rules the thyroid gland, neural activity and is also connected with senses and functions of our body that are either still inexplicable, or transcend to the non-material level. Always have in mind that any planet present near the Ascendant point will definitely alter both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native. We could say that in the first 10 degrees of the first house it will have the strongest influence on the Ascendant, while also the last 5 degrees of the 12th house.

To understand better your body, your Ego and how they function you should analyze all those planetary influences. This is why knowing your Ascendant does not necessarily mean jumping to correct conclusions about your life. You can use our free natal chart generator , in order to understand better not only your Rising Sign but also any possible planets that are present near it.

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Also, do not forget to pay attention to your natal Uranus placement, so that you discover the functions of your chart ruler and how it will affect your life and priorities. Finally, do not forget to read the article about natal Uranus in the 1st house, as it has many similarities to having an Aquarius Ascendant.

Aquarius Rising Sign

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  • Natal Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. Natal Mercury in Aquarius. You do not like to show your emotions or love. You are shrewd. You prefer to have an educated and intelligent partner.

    Aquarius Ascendant

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