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How do you differentiate the 2H knowledge and the 5H knowledge? Thank you.

Vejay Goel 2H related to the word accumulation; accumulation of food wealth or thought. It gives strong memory and academic education. Person rises in society due to strong academic pursuits and systematic studies. Here data mining is main concept for any new idea to develop. Far safer concept based on test and tried methods is 2H. It is the house of creativity. Here idea comes like a flash.

Speculative selection based on logics and possibilities is main concept for any new idea to develop in 5H. Parashar says for a good Kalanidhi yoga both houses should be strong and connected. Hence KalaNidhi Yoga.

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Keiko Shanti Vejay Goel thank you so much. The tones of the planets were given from Saturn to Jupiter and Venus to Mercury. In this case Mercury was given a chirping sound, Mars sliding up and down on various notes, Jupiter a majestic tone and Saturn a low mysterious droning sound. This sound spectrum covered eight Octaves which is the hearing range for the human ear. The outermost planet like Pluto and others were given rhythmic sounds. The planets can be categorized as per their distance from the Sun and the Earth.

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This Octave has the tendency to have an association with the left side brain functions. The other set comprising of the Moon, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and marginally Jupiter has association with the right side brain functions. A natal chart can therefore be transmuted into a musical -composition. An American astrologer Gerard Markoe has formulated a system by which the planets in the chart can be converted into musical composition. The speed of the planet, position of the planet such as rising, setting or stationary is to he taken into consideration..

The notes of the musical compositions in the planetary positions correspond to the mathematical ratio The 5th note Panchama G or so! This can be found exactly with the help of a computer which can be later recorded on a synthesizer or piano. In the astromusic tape, notes for each planet are played in the Zodiacal order beginning with the Ascendant and progress in the order of their distance from the earth.

A chorale of chords formed by the various planetary groups is played.

It has also been proved scientifically that music being a non-verbal sound can move through the auditory cortex directly to the centre of the limbic system. It is the limbic system that governs most of our emotional and metabolic expressions like body temperature, blood flow, blood pressure, heartbeat etc.

Music is able to inject an influence on these factors. In addition, it is able to activate the flow of stored memory across the corpus callosom, a group of fibers connecting the left and right side of the brain. Another fact is that it stimulates the endorphins secreted by the hypothalamus producing emotional happiness and sexual sensation.

Yogas for Musicians. Bharati Yoga: If the Lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 2 nd , 5 th or 11 th lord is exalted and combines with the 9 th lord,. Mars exalted in Capricorn and the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. Gandharva Yoga: If the 10 th Lord be in a Kamatrikona, that is, the 3 rd , 7 th or the 11 th , the lord of the Ascendent be with Jupiter, the Sun be powerful and exalted and the Moon be in the 9 th , Gandharva Yoga. Veena Yoga: Also known as Vallaki yoga if all planets occupy any of the benefic signs one will become a musician or be fond of music.

Another version is that all the seven planets spread over seven signs also results in Veena Yoga. Sangeeta Yoga: If the 2 nd lord be connected with the 5 th house or 5 th lord and also with Venus.

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Kalanidhi Yoga: Jupiter in conjunction with or aspected by Mercury, Venus in the 2 nd or 5 th identical with own sign of Mercury or Venus. Chamara Yoga: The Ascendant lord is exalted in a Kendra aspected by Jupiter or a benefic occupying the Ascendant in the 9 th , 10 th and 7 th lord. Malavya and Bhadra Yoga: When Venus and Mercury are in dignified places occupying a Kendra either exalted or in own sign. Historical evidence reveals that the ancient musicians were able to create a healing effect with spiritual music.

The temple priests Notes of Music and Signs. Determined the swaras of the pitch of their students while rendering the Vedic chants by making each student keyed to one of the planets. They also taught them to attune themselves to the corresponding planet defined as the parent star.

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In Egypt, the seven planets were given separate keynotes while in Greece, the seven vowels of Greek were used for this purpose. The Persians celebrated the entry of the Sun into each sign with music stressing the keynotes of the presiding deity. It was strongly believed that with the use of the music of specific signs and planets, one derived great benefit.

आपकी एक Special कला ले जाएगी बुलंदियों तक यदि कुंडली में हो कलानिधि योग- Kalanidhi - Suresh Shrimali

Swaras and Rasis.