Toronto star horoscope march 7

You simply know what to do and when.

If single, trust your instincts but date someone for at least a year before deciding "This is it. Don't hold back. Share your emotions and impressions. You might be choosing to play it low-key. Ideas seem to fly into your mind from left field. You might wrestle with one idea until it seems to work and have beneficial results.

Tonight: Get plenty of R and R. You will need it. Zero in on what you want, understanding the challenges it could present. You may welcome a new opportunity that will open you up and allow you to break away from certain mental filters. Tonight: Go with a wild suggestion.

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Your ability to get past a problem allows greater give-and-take than in the recent past. Others admire your ability to synthesize and get to the bottom of a problem. You smile and others respond. Tonight: Think weekend.

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Your feelings change, and you are likely to view a personal issue in a different light. As a result, what appeared to be a far-out idea becomes doable.

Share your observations with a close friend or loved one. Tonight: Off to hear great music. One-on-one relating draws results.

Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 7, 12222

How you deal with someone could radically change. When you spend more time with this person, you see him or her in a different light. Tonight: Keep to your budget. Otherwise, you might not like the results. You beam in more of what you desire. The unexpected happens while you're at home.

You might want to detach and eye a situation from a whole different perspective. Tonight: Respond to your energy levels. You might need some downtime. You could find that a friend is deceptive and not sharing the truth. On the other hand, you could be disappointed by a long-term prospect. Stay as level as possible. Changes will occur. Tonight: Where the action is. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.

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More Life. Top Stories. Participating in this type of happening feeds your energy. Tonight: Start making plans. One-on-one relating remains, as always, a naturally strong area for you. At present, you become luckier and capable of closing an important money deal or making wonderful plans that will delight you and others. Tonight: Be a duo.

The smart move will be to defer to others. Often, people tell you what they think they want, but if you allow them to choose and take control, plans or events could be considerably different. Tonight: Say yes to what pops up. Defer to a friend or someone you see with frequency. He or she has come up with an intriguing suggestion that appeals to you.

The other party will be delighted by your strong response. Tonight: Off having a good time. You know better than most what strange events and places you can visit with your imagination. You might decide to choose one of these options and see what is revealed. Don't get distracted when dealing with a loved one or child.


Tonight: The party goes on. You might feel inordinately pushed by a domestic issue or someone you live with. Push does not need to come to shove, as a discussion at the right time could prove positive. Tonight: Order a favourite dinner. You speak your mind and others listen. Sometimes you might be vague, and you could be surprised by others and what might feel like demanding questions. Just answer.