Taurus 9 march horoscope 2020

You hate change. However, my dear bovine bud, you will be uprooted this month. Placed in a new garden. Are you ready? It all begins on March 6 when electric Uranus enters your sign. There will also be a new moon in Pisces, which finds you stepping into a new social circle—exciting! The sun will also meet dreamy Neptune, making for a magical day and finding you in deep la la land—a wondrous time to reflect on what you want to manifest in the world.

The sun connects with Saturn on March 9 to bring a grounding energy, and Mars connects with Neptune on March 10 to spark creativity. Mars connects with Saturn on March 14, encouraging you to be brave and push your limits—just watch out for know-it-alls on this day, as the sun meets Mercury retrograde. Important perspectives come on March 14, especially concerning your social life and your friend group, so keep a look out for what that may mean!

Mid-March is super busy for Mercury retrograde. Think back to February 19 through 23—plenty of the conversations and decisions that came up then are being revisited now. Big ideas are shared, and people are vying for power—just remember that Mercury is retrograde, so everything is in flux!

Again, friendship is such an important theme for you during this retrograde. Here are some values for you to reflect on during this Mercury retrograde in Pisces, as you figure out who you want to stay connected with: Do they think charity is important? Is spirituality a part of their everyday life? Do they value kindness, open-mindedness, and creative self-expression? Nature is so beautiful.

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Some Taurus may feel legal tussle. Legal battles may consume you. In-laws may be demanding. Teachers may need more time you to sit and listen. Eclipses comes every six months in pair. Mars Impulsive actions will join the party on February 16 to March So you may be travelling for bigger purpose or work compulsion. Buy travel gadget, beg and keep travel plan ready.

If no travel plan , then make forign trip. Second half of the year so good to explore the world.

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Only from March 21 to July 1, some respite is there as Saturn will go out of Capricorn. First three months have huge focus. Then Saturn will return to tackle the same area in last six months. Good part is Taurus born within May 8 to May 22 will get maximum focus here.

Second half of Taurus would have more focus then Taurus born in first half.

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Key dates and aspects are written below. Life may change from Spirituality to Materialistic in second half the year. Remember, life is a balance between these two.

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  7. Don't love anything so deeply that you feel pain and agony. It will come in picture in second half of the year.

    Taurus Horoscope 2020

    Three eclipses are there. North node will move in this part on May 6. Afterward, it is time to question , is this asset is giving value? Should I reduce my liabilities? Can I reduce my cost of living? Taurus is Venus ruled sign. You need luxuries to live. Cosmic energy wants you to question these things. It is very much possible that you gain assets and reduce liabilities in second half of Let it be, don't feel too much pleasure or pain.

    Just observe.

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    We are just an actor in this cosmic drama. Entire second half in , it is in Aries. It shows that huge focus and action will be there.


    Be peaceful in second half of the Mental thoughts would be too puzzling. Some confidential issues need to be addressed. You may feel psychological or physical boundary to reach to you love one. Be simple. Try not to control thoughts. Let them flow. We can't control all situations. No one can. Observe your thoughts. They are signals of obstacles. Sleep more in such aspect. Practice meditation. Key Dates are like.

    It is unexpected zone now. Uranus is passing through your self image. People may want you to reduce weight, or gain weight, or fix personality issues.