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She worked hard to achieve her goal with unstoppable energy and commitment towards the platform. Her focused vision led her to excel in the internationally renowned pageant which celebrates beauty in diversity. Shelly since childhood has been dedicated and does all her work passionately.

Known for paying attention to the minute details, Shelly is a self-made woman and is also perfectionist. Shelly was born in Kanpur and raised in Lucknow to a business family. She is also a proud mother of a law student and a doting wife of an industrialist. With his incredible track record and past success, I couldn't imagine any other astrologer with a higher profile. His predictions are based on the latest research he has made in the fields of Vedic Astrology and Palm Analysis. He adopts a Scientific Approach towards Indian Vedic Astrology and doesn't aim to promote superstitions in any manner.

This way he is one of the rare generous astrologers who are not so rigid about his consultation fee. He believes that Grace of God and intuition have helped him at every step.

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He is well versed in spiritual subjects. Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart. The way u explain things to me about my life is really admirable. Deepak sir is a very soft-spoken and dedicated person. Thanks alot Deepak sir.. His consultation was very informative and very accurate.


More than ever, I have sought advice, guidance and a "ray of light" to support me as simply a human being. Deepak Chopra's astrological knowledge and wisdom have clarified, validated and expanded my understanding of the direct energetic link between the Universe and the Earth plane. I walked away from the experience feeling like I understood myself better. I could better understand things to be proud of and things to focus on changing, and the idea that you can learn more about yourself if you ask the right questions. His clear articulation of astrological signs and warnings, messages and guidance is a catalyst in my personal and professional decision-making process.

Deepak is very knowledgable and easy to talk to. I would recommend to anyone to never stop searching for truth and a greater understanding of self. His networking skills are excellent which has got him high profile international clients and other people from various professions. I am sure, anybody with faith in astrology who approaches him would benefit as I have. I met many astrologers but i think he is the best choice.

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His remedies were fruitful. I wish him good luck in his career. He explained everything in a detailed manner. He is very friendly and try to provide you feasible and satisfactory solutions. His predictions are accurate with suitable solutions. I would like to consult him again in the future. Deepak Chopra has depth knowledge of Astrology and explains everything in a detailed manner and he is also a soft kind hearted person.

He posses excellent knowledge about astro science. Moreover he take out his precious time for people and solve their queries effectively in order to make other life smoother.. I really appreciated his mission. Thanks again Deepak for making others life trouble free. He is a brilliant astrologer and has adequate knowledge on the same,He gives brilliant solutions and really makes you understand with patience.

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Thank you Deepak, i will happily say he is a genuine and compassionate person to acquire good services from. Im grateful to him He has got excellent expertise in Modern Astrology I feel under his guidance I can see my life in positive way. My best wishes to him for all good deeds. Deepak is a nice person with in depth knowledge on Astrology.

He is the best astrologer whom I have consulted so far and I would continue to seek his advice in the future. I wish him a great sucess in his life. An extremely polite and professional person in his approach. He explains the situations very well and with the remedies to overcome it. I wish him all success and good luck".

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His understanding about the the subject is really good and he undestand what other person is looking for and inform remedies etc by it's own. A wonderful personalty with whom would like to connect personally many times.

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It was a pleasure speaking with him and the way he responds and answers your queries is amazing. Wish him all the very best. Though young, Chopra's inituitive wisdom is commendable as he explores the metaphysical domains with remarkable ease. No wonder, his expositions hit the bull's eye as they spring forth from inner reservoirs of faith and ancient learning. I was amazed with his accuracy and he was very polite and considerate.

I found him to be down to earth and a nice human being too God Bless You. I got reference of Mr. Deepak through Linked as I saw many good recommendations about his Knowledge related to Astrology. I am very glad to say that Mr. Deepak has deep knowledge of Astrology and the ability to look beyond any other astrologer.

I truly admire his skills and in-depth Knowledge and Wish him all the best for future. Got a call from him personally and he introduced himself and me was thrilled to receive his call. I feel glad to recommend Deepakji here he has a tremendous positive aura, and he does understand the destiny of a person to a great extent and particularly with reference to what was happened in past and what is happening in present in any individual's life.

I was amazed after talking to him, when he touched upon my career cycle bang on target. I am very much impressed with him He explained the complex concepts of astrology very easily to me.

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I truly admire his skill and expertise. Wish him all the very best in his personal endeavours and hope he continues helping others. Knowledge and professionalism in his way of working can be seen. Very informative and knowledgeable. And yesterday I got a chance to speak to him. I am so delighted to talk about him, he is brilliant , extremely polite and professional in his approach and a down to earth person.

I feel glad to recommend Mr. Deepak ji here he has a tremendous positive aura, and he does understand the destiny of a person to a great extent and particularly with reference to what was happened in past and what is happening in present in any individual's life. I was amazed after talking to him, when he touched upon certain aspects of my life and career that no one else had talked about.

Wish him all the very best in his personal endeavors and hope he continues helping others. I am surprised with the predications what he did for me.