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Circle January 9; the sun joins Venus and Pluto; you can make important contacts. The Capricorn new moon on January 16 gives your projects some serious momentum. The Leo eclipse on August 11 falls in zone of day-to-day work. A project could get a green light. Wait until Mercury goes direct August 19 to launch it or make any major changes at work; such as hiring new employees, or adding new systems, especially technology.

The sun and Uranus team up in your financial zone on April 18; you could receive a financial windfall or unexpected bonus.

For the last seven years shocking Uranus has been travelling through fiery Aries and your financial zone. Uranus shakes up the status quo so you may have experienced changes in your finances; lost your job or income or maybe made a killing in the stock market. May 15 Uranus leaves this sector although it will return from November 6 until March 6, , then reenters Taurus for seven years. Keep an eye on your finances and during the retrograde period.

Called the great awakener, Uranus brings new experiences and sudden changes to whatever area it visits. What you learn and study will have a profound effect on you; a book, movie or conversation could be life changing and set you off in a totally new direction. Your mind will be on fire with fresh ideas and inspiration. You may have opportunities to write a book, do public speaking or teach.

July 10 you could land a publishing deal or your blog might get a million hits.

Horoscope 2018 - Pisces by Virginia Bell

This sector also rules neighborhoods and siblings. You might get bored of where you live and move to another part of town. A relative or sibling could experience an upheaval that affects you. Thanks to the sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces, February and March are divine, especially for artists, writers and musicians. March 17 is the annual Pisces new moon, your personal New Year; time to make your wish list.

Your intuition is strong; you can manifest whatever you feel.

For Pisces, 2018 will be all about inspiration and great visions

Mercury turns retrograde March 22 to April 15; use that period to plan and prepare, then take action the week of the Aries new moon on April May 25, June 1, 2, 19, 20, and July 5 and 8 are days to debut your work. Mars leaps into Pisces November 15; your energy and ambition soar. Sultry Venus sashays into Pisces February 10 to March 6; one of the most romantic and inspiring of times.

March 1 Venus and Jupiter make a positive trine.

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March 4 Neptune, and the sun embrace; pure magic! March 13 the sun and Jupiter bond; let the sexual healing begin. Eclipses bring big life events; the July 12 new moon solar eclipse and falls in your zone love, play and pleasure. Say yes, even when a family member wants to introduce you to a prospective suiter. The first half of July is lovely for a family vacation.

Pisces September Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

The July 12 eclipse brings tender times for you and your clan; schedule a special vacation. The Gemini new moon in your domestic zone June 13 brings a new level of communication for you and your family.

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Pisces is a very romantic, creative, and giving sign, so you will be urged to be compassionate to someone at eclipse time. On the 9th, Jupiter will make his monumental move into Libra for the first time in 12 years. Whenever the planets play musical chairs, it means we are in a defining moment, and with the case of Jupiter, you will come to a joyous fork in the road.

For the coming 13 months, until October —the time Jupiter remains in Libra—your luck will stem from and new part of your life. As the month draws near an end, another staggeringly positive aspect will come up. On the 26th we all will experience the luckiest day of the year, an annual event for everyone when Jupiter aligns with the mighty Sun.

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The Sun will take the joyfulness of Jupiter and multiply it many times over, and although this will be the happiest day for everyone, each of the signs will experience this heavenly aspect in different ways. Be sure to schedule an important initiation from the 23rd to the 30th while this peach of an aspect will be strongest.

Choose to do something that is difficult to accomplish, for you will have the edge over the competition.

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  • This month also holds the best new moon of the year, in Libra, on the 30th. Libra is the marriage sign, so after a new moon appears, and in the ten days that follows it in October, you will have a chance to couple up in any way that is comfortable and appropriate for you by, say, planning to be exclusive to your sweetheart, or to take a bigger step, by making a plan to move in together, or to get engaged or married.

    You can alternatively use this new moon to create a business relationship. Jupiter is the great good fortune planet, and will closely accompany the new moon on the 30th, and spread goodness over the first two weeks of October. The actions that you take during any new moon such as at the eclipse on September 1st or the new moon on September 30th will have the ability to bring you happiness for a full year, until the next new moon in Libra has time come to come by again to refresh the energy this this new moon on the 30th. Next year, that new moon will be due October 19, By Leigh Belz Ray Aug 12, pm.