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He has analyzed and predicted for more than 38, horoscopes. With his vast experience and strength , he has given exact predictions to plenty of people, ranging from a layman to VVIPs. Marriage is an important stage in life.

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The compatibility between couple makes their married life sustainable and enjoyable. Nowadays divorce rate is increasing drastically. Fortunately our ancients have given method of matching the horoscopes of bride and bridegroom to check the compatibility between them.

Shankar Hegde has thoroughly studied. As per Dharma Shastras and Ayurveda a work started on a good muhurtha will be pretty successful. Muhurtha can be given for many auspicious occasions related to Shodasha Samskara,like marriage, Brahmopadesha, Conception , and other occasions like Grihapravesha house warming ceremony ,to start a business, for important trips and cesarean also.

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Fill in below form as complete as possible and one of our Astrologers will be in touch with you shortly. Shankar Hegde Astrologer. Some of the his super hit predictions given in his different TV shows when millions of people were watching. Astrological services are provided, both online and by booking an appointment.

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Profile of Shankar G. About Shankar Hegde Shri. Raman Memorial Month ' - his grandson and celebrity Astrologer Sri Suprajarama will be giving Astrology consultation on issues related to marriage.

Courtesy : The Astrological eMagazine. Vedic Astro Services.

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Date: Dec 18, Sunday Timings: 8 a. About Dr. Raman spent his whole life in the study of relations between cosmic and terrestrial phenomena. He was able to demonstrate by his writings and predictions made through The Astrological Magazine and other media that the astrological theory of cosmic influences affecting human life is essentially correct. Through a number of books, lectures and research papers, Dr. Raman influenced the educated public and made them astrology-conscious.

His special fields of research were Hindu astronomy, astro-psychology, weather and political forecasts, disease diagnosis, natural calamities, management and other areas in relation to celestial phenomena.

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Raman restarted The Astrological Magazine in and was its editor for over 62 years. In fact, this is a unique case of one single individual editing a monthly uninterruptedly for over 62 years and rightly merits a place in the Guinesses Book of Records. About Raman Suprajarama. Suprajarama Raman is none other than the grandson of Dr. Raman , the father of modern astrology.