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Media 3, Follower 11, Following 2, Tag Count 2, Head over to www. Guess how much Banksy's latest piece sold for Check out what's new in the photography world with our latest feature of This N That at museemagazine.

Why the 12222 Met Gala is Going to be More Over the Top Than Ever

For this week's photojournalmonday we took a much needed and gruesome look at what happens behind slaughterhouse walls. Check it out, at museemagazine.

In our most recent feature we shared our interview with Jean Curran, and her Vertigo Project, where she brought Alfred Hitchcock's film to life. Issue Choices is accepting submissions of all work! Submit at museemagazine.


In one of our most recent features we interviewed stephenwilkes, his amazing methodology and passion was astounding to learn about. Schechter continues, explaining that there is anxiety surrounding vaginal discharge which implies there is something wrong with the vagina or that it is dirty.

Horoscope September 2019 All Signs: Time to Get Real

This year, books such as Emma Barnett's Period , Maisie Hill's Period Power and Lynn Enright's Vagina: A Re-education have opened our eyes to the vast void of information we have about our own anatomy, but have also started to fill it. They won't.

Top 10 museums in London including the British Museum, Museum of London and more

If you're a young woman or girl, and you feel like you can't talk to a medical professional or a family member about discharge or vaginal thrush, you are more likely to buy douches or other products that are actually harmful. Honest conversation is a brilliant starting point; we need to replace myths with facts.

Besides, we've had to look at biro-scribbled penises on every school surface since primary school, so let's put our vulvas centre stage for once.

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And don't forget the merch. We all know the best part of any museum is the gift shop and The Vagina Museum does not disappoint. From crochet clitorises and pussy pendants to 'vaginas are normal' stickers, pins and totes, say hello to your new uniform. Type keyword s to search.

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