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He has other friends with lineage from other planets but he doesn't share which one of these extraterrestrial "races" make the best butter chicken. Is this normal talk in the astrology community? Has he been spending too much time in Conspiracy Alley? Is the new baby taking a toll on him? Is he speaking some truth? If so, from which planet does Lil' Wayne originate and can we contact them so they can come pick up their kinfolk? So many questions May 17, 2. I unsubscribed from him when he said '!!!!! Thanks x 1. May 17, 3.

It's easy to lose your way on the path to enlightenment. A lot of people either get possessed or used by entities. Thanks x 3. May 17, 4. I LOVE him. But, I think he needs to take a break. Just too much on his plate. May 17, 5. May 17, 6. May 17, 7. May 17, 8. Thanks x 5. May 17, 9.

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May 17, Thanks x 6. May 18, This is sad. I also do numerology consultation and believe that with the magic of numbers and slightly changes in your name can bring lots of positive changes in life. My main focus is to make your account of karma balance in this birth.

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I am cent per cent honest with my clients and never hide or manipulate facts with them. Please confirm if you wish to be notified when the astrologer is online. Please confirm if you do not wish to be notified when the astrologer is online. OTP has been sent to you on your mobile number.

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Simran ji is by far the best astrologer on this platform. Aditi sharma. Sai Arjun. View More. Cancel Confirm. You could not pay for lessons and only received more instructions when your Guru thought you had made sufficient spiritual progress.

The ancestral school of Jyotish

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