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People who are in love will find that their relationship is getting rock solid in this phase. People who are looking for love may find it in this phase.

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Students and research scholars will reap the good results of their hard work in this phase. Brilliant students will get the scholarship for their intelligence and brilliance. Long distance traveling will be rewarding in this phase.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 30th September 2019 - travel opportunities increase.

A journey to a distant place regarding academic or cultural reasons may be undertaken by you. In general transit of Jupiter and Saturn should be beneficial for health related issues, but Rahu transiting over 6th from your moon sign may give some diagnostic confusions, it also can give health issues to your maternal side relatives.

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Jupiter is transiting in your 9th house from your moon sign and this is a highly favorable transit. Jupiter is natural Lord of the 9th house and it will be very auspicious in this transit. This transit will give best results in career and financial activities. Your long unfulfilled desires could get fulfilled in this transit, lucky for you that Saturn will also enter in to 11th house in transit by October end and the same will also be beneficial for you.

Past hard work done in earlier period will be rewarded now as Saturn rewards the hard and honest work. Jupiter's aspect would be on 1st, 3rd and 5th houses. This year promises to be a good year for people who are in media business, advertisement business , writers and authors as Jupiter is giving its aspect on 3rd house. Similarly consultants, lawyers, financial advisors, psychologists etc can expect good results in their career.

Prudent investment and intelligent stocks buy should give decent returns, but individual chart has to be seen for placements of other planets.

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Rahu and Ketu are transiting over 6th and 12th from your moon sign respectively. Rahu transit will be favorable for overcoming enemies and subduing the competition.

It also indicates gains and spells of success in your life. Ketu's transit indicates some reduction in funds and also some minor losses etc. Your social standing will get increased as Rahu's transit over 6th house from your moon sign is giving positive signals.

Your Zodiac horoscope for Today, Oct 09, 12222

Saturn's transit over 11th house from your moon sign will increase your social popularity. People expecting promotion or increase in salary are likely to be disappointed.

Disputed and fights with colleagues is expected at the workplace. The transits are going to give average results to married couples. Unmarried people looking to get married could face a delay in the same.

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Students can expect good results provided they are willing to put very hard work in this phase. Traveling is going to be fruitful in this year whether for official or personal reasons. The health of parents and other family members is likely to be stable, while on the other hand, your own health together with your spouse could remain sluggish in this year.

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Aquarius Horoscope 12222

Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio Sign in your 10th house ,from January to 30th of March After that, it will transit from 30th of March to 22nd of April in Sagittarius Sign over 11th from your moon sign. After 22nd of April , it will be again transiting Scorpio Sign till 4th of November over your 10th house, after that it will again come back to Sagittarius sign from 5th of November It will be in retrograde motion on 10th of April and will become direct on 11th of August Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius Sign over 11th from your moon sign for the whole of the year It will be in retrograde motion from 30th of April to the 18th of September.

It will enter Gemini Sign over 5th from your moon sign from 7th of March onwards. Ketu South Node will be transiting in Sagittarius sign over 11th from your moon sign, from 7th of March onwards. Aquarius Career Horoscope.

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