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Capricorn needs someone to help lift their spirits and not look at the dark side of life, whereas Libra needs someone to give them direction and help them to focus enough to go for their goals. Now, Capricorn can be somewhat controlling with Libra, but if it helps Libra stand up for themselves, that's okay.

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Scorpio is very sensitive and Capricorn not so much; however, Capricorn will always be honest and supportive with Scorpio, which is exactly what Scorpio needs. Scorpio likes to always have a little mystery which keeps Capricorn intrigued. Capricorn doesn't have the need to learn everything about Scorpio right away and would rather take the time to really get to know them. Both signs are strong, faithful, and ambitious, and those qualities work to strengthen the bond between them. However, Scorpio shouldn't try to play games with Capricorn or they'll just end up frustrated.

However, if it's bedroom games we're talking about, then Capricorn and Scorpio couldn't be more compatible or more open to doing all kinds of naughty things.

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They both have good senses of humor, are smart, and straightforward, but that's where their commonalities end. They both know how to make a strong impression on people they meet , but they're too different. All Capricorn wants are ties and security and strong financial foundations, and Sagittarius wants none of those things.

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It's hard for these two signs to find common ground, and even then it's shaky. Power couple alert! What's more ambitious and focused on success than one Capricorn? Two of them. Two Capricorns will work hard to have a successful relationship and one that will withstand any conflicts and troubles that they have to contend with. The problem with this dynamic duo is that if one of them doesn't make sure that they take time to enjoy their life and each other, these two workaholics may focus so much on their careers that they forget there's even another person in their life. In addition, they may get to the point where they know each other too well and become bored by the sameness and routine of their life.

Somebody needs to shake things up from time to time or it's going to be death by boredom for their relationship. Capricorn and Aquarius aren't percent incompatible, nor are they a perfect match; they fall somewhere between the two and could be good for each other. Both signs are very intelligent, hardworking, and tend to be more head-centered than heart-centered, and neither likes to have huge emotional meltdowns.

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  6. Capricorn tends to want to do things by the book, and Aquarius is the opposite with their outside-the-box thinking. There are times that Aquarius just wants to be outrageous and contrary for no good reason and this just confuses Capricorn. The core difference between them is that Capricorn tends to follow rules and social protocol whereas Aquarius does their own thing, no matter what the consequences are.

    Capricorn may seem uptight when compared to Aquarius during the day, but Capricorn has a freaky side at night that Aquarius doesn't have. On the surface, Capricorn and Pisces don't seem especially compatible, but they are. Each has qualities that the other needs. Capricorn can help keep Pisces focused and their feet on the ground, and Pisces helps Capricorn see the world in all its glorious colors — not just black and white.

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    Pisces is intuitive and able to give Capricorn what they need, even when they don't know they need it. Pisces are kind, and the type of caring that Pisces is able to give to Capricorn allows Capricorn to be their best self. These two signs love to experience all kinds of culture and enjoy things like wine-tastings, museums, theater, and all different kinds of cuisine. Capricorn needs an infusion of creativity and color in their life, and Pisces can give it to them.

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    Christine Schoenwald. Love , Zodiac May 29, Can you keep up with a Capricorn? Click to view 12 images. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

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    The Planet Saturn rules another sign Aquarius. Saturn has two faces. One of the faces looks inwards to the personal inner planets. The other looks outwards to the cosmos beyond to the transpersonal outer planets. The inner looking face is the aspect that rules Capricorn. It does not let a person go off into wild fantasies and dreams, as epitomised by Aquarius, rather it focuses the mind on the day to day responsibilities and duties of the individual. Indeed Saturn is known as the Gatekeeper at the Edge. A Person cannot pass by it, to the dreams that lie beyond, until he has proved himself worthy of these things by putting in his own effort.

    The time of Capricorn is right at the height of winter in the western world. This is a time when people have to survive on meagre sunlight and everything is dormant under the ground. It is indeed a tough time, quite the opposite of the exuberant spring. In this way the sign is a hardy sign.

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    Capricorns are quite self reliant and being a Cardinal sign, they initiate and drive new projects and ideas themselves. Much like the mountain goat that is their sign, they survive on a scarcity of outside help and often they find it hard to let in affection. Capricornians in their best state are some of the most honest, trustworthy , reliable and hard working people you could ever wish to meet.

    They can be full of integrity and principles. For them their word means everything and they stick to doing what they promise. However they have a problem in that they are bound so heavily to this physical world. The gravity of Saturn which is associated with time and cycles and materiality has an extra hold upon them. They can't break free of the world they live in to dream of better things or to simply trust and let go and let a greater force carry them. Capricornians have to see to everything themselves and although this is a great asset it is their greatest failing too.

    Ultimately no person can control the world and we are all reliant upon each other and a greater force that oversees each person. For Capricornians they just can't let go and as a result they tend to worry about each and every thing.