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The next day, December 27, is considered by many astrologers to be the luckiest day of the year as the life-giving Sun and boundless Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction meetup. This energizing of your tidy sixth house could inspire you to take a vacation day for a major decluttering project—one that will free up energetic space for abundance to pour in. What are you holding onto and why?

Summon the courage to let it go and restore the flow. Your resolutions might be color-coded and filed in a special tabbed spreadsheet or organized neatly in an app like Evernote with alerts all set up. The moon and spiritual Neptune are both in Pisces and your transformational eighth house. Coupled with all the Capricorn-driven healthy energy, you might ring in the decade with a candlelight yoga and meditation event or dreams at a private retreat center with raw vegan treats and non-alcoholic beverages. Ahh, so restorative!

Not feeling the teetotaling vibes? Do something grounding and be sure to fuel up with a healthy dinner if you plan to stay out late.

*)* Leo - March 10, 2013 - Soul Horoscopes - Orbits Edition - w/ Christopher Witecki

With the moon and Neptune entwined in this sexy sector, you could be up late having all kinds of escapades. Under these mysterious and sensual stars, who knows where the night will lead you!

Your Horoscope for the Week of March 11

This month is about giving your love life some TLC and attending to its wellbeing and yours! You and your S. Venus in this wellness-minded sector can spur you to do volunteer or holiday service work, and doing that with a partner can draw you closer. Pets are ruled by this realm, and a cuddly new animal companion could be the perfect holiday gift. Meanwhile, with passionate Mars ziplining through Scorpio and your domestic quarters, home is where the heat is, so add some sensual ambience to all your rooms with candles, aromatherapy diffusers or live plants.

Stay open throughout the holidays and as the calendar turns. Venus the attractor is magnetizing prospects who are also seeking a real commitment. Being there for each other is the best aphrodisiac now! You could meet someone through healthy pursuits or volunteer work. Back to basics? While it might sound like a buzzkill, the truth is was a LOT to take in.

Weekly Horoscope Predictions March Aries, Taurus, Leo, Gemini - Times of India

Now, as Jupiter visits this orderly and systematic sector joining structured Saturn and transformational Pluto , you can find the adventure in the mundane and put the important pieces in place for your ascent! On December 26, a Capricorn solar eclipse arrives to show you the map.

Since the sixth house rules helpful people, you might discover a rockstar assistant or service provider who helps run the Leo lair like a tight ship. Are the right players in place on Team Leo? On December 12, the Gemini full moon illuminates your eleventh house of groups and technology.

Daily Horoscopes: March 10, 12222

Start with who you know! Last mission for the decade: Make sure everything and everyone at Chateau Leo is supporting your goals. With energizer Mars in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house from November 19 to January 3, there could be both excitement and friction under your roof. You might be searching for a new address or roommate or revamping your space. Start practicing healthy boundaries.

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Virgo Illustrated PopSocket. Libra Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Libra Illustrated PopSocket. Scorpio Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Scorpio Illustrated PopSocket. Jupiter has been encouraging you to take a risk with your heart or with your creativity Suddenly, it feels like you're receiving answers to many of your most passionate questions about love today.

Your instincts are on the money and you know who to turn to if you're feeling off-kilter.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

The intimacy you crave drives you Look for opportunities to repair or strengthen a key relationship today and tomorrow, dear Leo. Your ruler, the Sun, connects harmoniously with Pluto, and this can mean you gain an edge or advantage, particularly related to a relationship insight Excess energy can make you restless today, especially if your emotions are amped up from an unprocessed love relationship issue.

Cosmic conditions can create even more confusion and you'll do yourself a favor if you can find ways to compromise You may be dealing with changes in negotiations, dear Leo, particularly surrounding divvying up money and who owes who what, as well as regarding sharing and support on non-material levels. Use a "soft sell" approach in all that you do It may feel like a business-as-usual kind of day when, out of the blue, someone says or does something that makes you snap.

This is the right moment to make a bold move in your love life, especially with passionate Mars on the cosmic scene today. Before you do something rash, however, take a moment to go over your strategy, beginning with a The Moon moves to the top of your solar chart today, dear Leo, and you're more emotionally invested than usual in your responsibilities, goals, or image.

You can be especially inspired and renewed on an emotional level, determined to reduce Load more.