Progeny yoga in horoscope

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However, if there is a parivartana of the lord of child with another planet, then the sex of the child, determined by the lord of the child is simply reversed. For e. It will be reversed although reversing may also show same sex but it will be reversed. If lord of child is placed in the house of another child:- Then one of the children indicated by them will survive e. If the 5 th lord is placed in 7 th house,one of the children signified by 5 th lord and the 7 th lord will survive. Rider: — When One Planet becomes lord of two houses of children :- If one happens to indicate more than one child, then 1 st child will be shown by the lord of the child , and second child will be shown by the house of the child and planet placed there in.

Have there been no planet then Aries will show Male birth. Two Child lords placed together :- If two lords of child are placed together, then one of the children will survive. If the lord of 5 th and 9 th placed in same sighn then one among the children shown by them willl survive.

However it is diifiucult to determine who among themselves will survive and can only be determine from practicle events. Saptamsa lagna lord in Marana Sthana from lord of child If Venus becomes the lord of Saptamsa Lagna, the issues indicated by the planets in the 8th from Venus cannot survive unless conjoins Ketu Ganapati , as these issues will have Venus in the Marana Sthana Reference. The same principle can be extended to other planets. Thus in case of Different Saptamsa Lagna, the placement of the lord of the child in the following places cannot survive.

Thus the principle states that if the Saptamsa Lagna lord is placed in a Marana karaka Sthana from the Lord of the child, then either the parent or the child survive , unless, there is a blessing. Gati either changes or ends when it reachs one of the nodes,unless Jup is strong in the sapamsa. In the male chart 5 th house is controlling house of children and in female chart it is 9 th house, thus 6 th and 10 th house respectivly are the marka houses.

Hence their lords are marka lords, and should be analysed with respect to the houses of children and their lords. For example in male chart 5 th lord verses 6 th lord and in female chart 9 th lord verses 10 th lord and so on. If Lagna lord of D-7 chart is deposited in such marka places the person will not have inclination to have children. Similaly if Lagna Lord of D-7 is in 8 th house then the disease may delay or Hinder child birth. Moon Is significator of mother, if it is weak in saptamsa chart it indicates inabilty of mother to carry the child. Remedy :- See in which sapt-amsa rasa the Moon is deposited by consuming that particular rasa and reciting mother Godess,the mother can get potential to carry the child.

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Where the lord of child is placed that should be taken lagna of child, if this lord has good relation with Lagna Lord of D-7 then relationship between parent and child will be very good. Full Privacy guaranteed more than 20 years of experience. You can use these HTML tags. Name required. Email will not be published required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Figures of Indian Goddess also shows mother their breast full developed and contains lot of milk for child. Buttocks of women should be well developed to carry the child in the womb successfully.

Asc will general physical make up of person.

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It will also show the caring nature and affection to child. The most imp planet connected with motherhood are Jup and Moon. For example Jup is in Asc and Moon in 4 th house and Mer in the 5 th house,it will show good effect as far as progeny is concerned. This also strength the relation between mother and child. If 5 th house is afflicted that is most unhappy experience for mother.

Rahu mystifies the birth, mother feels she is carrying baby which later on turns out something else. Ketu in 5 th shows the possibility of still birth. Aspect of Sat can create pathological symptoms and can also create some structural deficiency. Child bearing capacity of mother is seriously affected. When lord of 5 th house is placed in 6 th house or vice versa there would be no pleasure derive from children. When lord of 5 th goes in 8 th house health of children is in jeopardy. Hence:- 1. As Lagna lord Venus is combust in 5 th house.

If 5 th from Asc or Moon or Jup has benefic planet, 5 th house is also aspected by benefic planet or its lord then there will be santan yog. If lagnesh and 5 th lord are conjoined or in mutual aspect or both in own houses or in friends house or exalted then also there is santan yog.

How to judge delay or early child birth by Vedic Astrology

If lagnesh and panchmesh are in kendras with benefic planets and 2 nd lord is strong then there is santan yog. Navmesh of panchmesh associated with benefics then there is Santan Yog. Lords of 5 th ,7 th and of LL in lagna. Strong Jup in 5 th aspected by Lagnaesh or lords of 2 nd and 5 th. Sg or Pisces in 5 th aspected by strong Jup. In female horoscope Mer,Jup and Venuse combine in any house indicates many children. Santan Prtibandhak Yog :- 1. Sat in Leo,Mar in the 5 th house and 5 th lord is in 6 th.

Mer and Lagnesh are not in lagna but in any other kendra house. Venuse in 7 th ,Moon in 10 th and 3 to 4 melefics in 4 th house shows Santan Pratibandhak Yog. If the lord of 5 th occupies 3 rd ,6 th or 12 th house and is aspected by Melefics then the children of native will die early. Delay in Progeny :- Lagnaesh,Panchmesh and Navmesh if all the three are associated with benefics and are in trik houses i. Benefics in 10 th and melefics in 5 th shows santan pratibandhak or delay in progeny. Melefics or Guru in 4 th or 5 th and Moon in 8 th then child in age of 30 years.

Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Sagittarius are said to be semi-fruitful.

All About Progeny

Fruitful signs on the cusps of the 11th and 5th houses, and the lords of the 5th and 11th posited in fruitful signs, promise children. Barren signs on the cusps of the 1st, 5th, and 11th, or the lords of these posited in barren signs, lessen the chances of children of their own. Divisional charts. Divisional charts are also important as they give a deeper insight into the matters. Navansh chart and Saptamasha chart should also be checked as it gives clear picture about the matters pertaining to childbirth. Divisional charts help us predict about our children and happiness from them.

Navamsha lord of the 5th lord of the birth horoscope. If that planet is in a good condition or well-aspected in the birth horoscope, the birth of children is assured. In Female Horoscope, Moon and in Male horoscope, Sun and Jupiter becomes the key controller progeny in the Saptamsa and thus the procreation.

If they are badly placed, being afflicted, or placed in the Maraka Sthana in the Saptamsa, this can show problem or denial of progeny. At the time of birth, dasha and bhukti lords also play important role in child birth. Important factors regarding child birth. When 5 th house is connected with male planets then child would be Male. Planets deposited in odd signs also indicate Male child. When 5 th house is connected with female planets then child would be female. of children, with sample chart and remedies in Vedic Astrology

Planets deposited in even signs also indicate female child. The following elements are important from perspective of having children: a. Naisargika Putrakaraka, i. Fifth house and its lord c. Divisional chart Saptamsha d. Dasha factors — to determine if the currently running dasha is conducive towards conception. Any afflictions to these factors or elements would be considered detrimental to the ability of having children.

The usual afflictions come from Saturn, Mars etc. This yoga should also applicable to lord of 5th from Sun or Moon. The influence could be through presence, drishti aspect or by hemming the house. The lord of 6th house carries this power. I would like to quote from Dr.